Three Estates

A 2 player feudal era tile placement strategy game where you compete against a rival noble to control a disputed fiefdom. Leverage the might of the noble class to secure resources. Maneuver your loyal peasantry to reshape society. Wield the church's authority to manipulate the moral landscape. Maintain and project influence with castles, villages, and churches. Above all, wisely manage your lands to keep your populace fed and loyal.

Vita Æterna

In this gripping 5-player strategy game you take charge of a race of intelligent beings on an ambitious quest to establish itself amongst the stars. Forge strategic alliances, gather vital resources, and engage in fierce competition to secure your race's legacy. Unleash the full potential of your race through relentless technological research so you can propagate your species across the boundless universe. Strive to leave an indelible mark on the celestial canvas and ensure eternal existence of your kind.


Engage your entrepreneurial spirit in this 5-player strategy game and step into the shoes of a seasoned restaurateur. Take charge of your culinary empire, from humble beginnings to extravagant establishments, as you compete against fellow players to become the ultimate culinary tycoon. Fine-tune your menus, manage your resources, hire talented chefs, and navigate the ever-changing demands of discerning customers. Can you conquer the culinary world and create a dining experience worthy of five-star acclaim? The success of your gastronomic empire awaits!

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